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When picking out a swimming kickboard, there are several things to keep in mind. First, what size do you need? Kickboards usually come junior or adult sizes, but they are pretty much "one size fits all." Most kickboards are made of a buoyant foam and are typically not very expensive. These kickboards work fine and are the kind most people are familiar with, but they can cause shoulder pain with extended use. If this occurs, a swimmer can look for an "ergonomic" or "streamlined" kickboard. This style of kickboard are typically lighter and glide through the water easier. This allows them to put less strain on the swimmer's shoulders and be more comfortable for an extended amount of time.
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If there is one reason to strap on running lights when you are out for an early morning, early evening, or a pitch-black night, besides being able to see obvious dangers such as a pothole, a board with a nail threatening your safety, or vicious dogs that come at you from nowhere, there is another huge incentive for adding running lights to your gear.
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One of the greatest fears all seniors have is being injured in a fall. Experiencing a fall is currently the leading cause of injury for senior citizens in America (Hegg, 2018). Over a third of senior citizens suffer a fall and experience a fall related injury that limits their movement as well as their ability to live independently according to National Institute of Health (NIH). This is partly because the ability to balance and stabilize oneself decreases with age. It is for this very reason that balance exercises are highly recommended by the NIH to maintain and increase balance (Strongboard Balance, N.A.).
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Skateboarding, the ride and recreational rush that comes with so much possibility is more than just the board for any youth enthusiast. It is about the adrenaline, individuality, and yes pushing limits. The board whether traditional or electric should be always about proper safety protocols. Protecting the head with a helmet encouraging thrills while providing proper support may not come cheap yet it is necessary. Once the board is selected then purchase of the safest quality helmet comes next. There are some top notch ones that are light yet efficiently get the job done for any child.