Plant Based Diet-First and foremost you need

Plant Based Diet

In this world by the day many people are focusing on their diets and you will be feeling the same sentiments by knowing that lots of people are non-meat eater. (Plant Based Diet) They are called vegan who only eat the food which are from plants. Many people have asked me that I am a veggie and I want a diet plan which is only having the plants in them so I decided to make a diet plan which is for veggies and even a meat eater can try to follow this plan if he wants to make his body uptight.

Let’s stick this to your mind that, no matter how much you are a meat lover you can’t eat the meat or anything related to that if you want a plant based diet plan to work for you effectively.  If you will do that for a single time it’s going to ruin your diet and will eventually be harmful for your body.

So if you are willing to know the diet then you should read this article till the end.

  • First and foremost you need to eat whole grains.
  • There will be no processed food in that so remember that.
  • You need to eat green vegetables which are not only green but also have leaves.
  • Fruits are also good for plant based diet plan. Make sure you are eating the fruits who are juicy and have lots of nutrients in them.

Some people ask to me that they have heard that eating some amount of chicken air stuff like that are fine even if you are following a diet.   But I am going to tell you that what is the gain you are trying to achieve by eating some amount of meat no matter of fish or chicken or anything else.  You have planned for making your body good and healthy for a long time, so this plant based diet is going to help me in that.


Nuts are very helpful for a plant based diet.  You can eat Walnuts, Almonds and things similar to that. They are not helpful if you are going to eat them hand full.  So make sure you are eating a moderate amount of nuts and focusing on your goal which is to lower your weight and also give you enough amount of energy.

Make your daily plan very simple.

  • Start with the oatmeal with some fruits and nuts.
  • In the lunch you can eat vegetables which are green and leafy.
  • While in the dinner Still you need to eat some vegetables along with rice

You can change the diet by the day but the stuff should be similar to this.

I know some of you would be asking that I can’t follow this diet it’s very dull.  Why not you use these ingredients in your meal but the design of the style of the food should be creative so it can make you attractive to it and you will be eating it without any hesitation.

Like you can eat a burger stuffed with beans and tomatoes.  It might appear like a burger but it will be really healthy.

If you ask me then there are many people who have followed this plant based plan and have achieved for their goal was.

Last but not the least you need to have a journal in your hand which is going to tell you that what you have eaten and how much it has helped you.  Remember that whatever you are eating check how much calories and proteins it has so it can give you a moderate taste, energy and health too…





Plant Based Diet
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(Plant Based Diet) In this world by the day many people are focusing on their diets and you will be feeling the same sentiments by knowing that lots of people are….

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