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Cheese is the love of the life for many people in the world.  Adding to that we all know that calories are the thing, which is not helpful for any person who wants to make a weight loss or wants to feel active all the time.

Many foods of the world are extreme in terms of calories so if you are eating cheese and thinking that it will be not having the calories then you are wrong.

Some people have asked me that if you want to eat the cheese sandwich then what is the best thing we can do and what about the grilled cheese we eat many days of our life.

Well, some people make the grilled sandwiches with cheese in it by adding some extra ingredients to feel good and have some taste.

You also maybe the part of that category who eats the sandwiches.  Let me tell you with a heavy heart that this sandwich is not very beneficial for any person no matter how much quantity you are eating.  These sandwiches are high in calories, Saturated fats and in no way beneficial for anyone.

The calories in the grilled cheese can vary from food to food.  Because the ingredients you are using in the sandwich has their own calories. Like for example if you come by now calorie of one sandwich then the white bread alone has 160 calories in two slices of it. With 115 calories in cheese and 40 calories in the oil or butter whichever you are using to make it.


We all know that making grilled cheese sandwich is very easy and very tasty but having a sandwich mouthful of calories is the only thing you can do with your life.  Why not make the sandwich healthier than it is seen in the eating world without compromising on the taste.

  • Choose the right cheese in your Sandwich to lose the Calories and fat.  There are many kinds of cheese available in the market like the American one but it is not very beneficial because its taste is more of a like fabricated or mild flavored.  Instead of using this cheese why not, use a blue cheese, which will be used lesser than the previous one and will eventually make your Calories and fat less.
  • We all know that you want to eat the cheese very much but is it necessary that you put the whole cheese in your sandwich. I mean that if you are willing to lower your calorie is done instead of using the cheese only in your sandwich you can put other ingredients along with it too get the cheesy flavor you are required and some other ingredients to lower the count of calories and fats.  For example, you can add beans, Salsa or even Chilies. They will not bother the taste of the cheese and in fact, will add to the taste of the sandwich.
  • Choose a bread for it which is not much high in calories like the white bread. There are many types of bread available in the market from which you can choose to make your grilled cheese sandwich but in our recommendation,use the Whole grain bread is very beneficial as it is a unique kind of bread.

From all of the above, you can get the idea that having some manipulations in your grilled cheese sandwich can counter many calories and it will give you the ultimate test you always required and will not be high on Calories and fats which is harmful to the body




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