5 Components of Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness means the ability to work effectively throughout your life. You have enough strength to handle your normal activity and to deal with additional stress or emergency situations.

Physical fitness:

* Heart Attack (CR) Humidity – The body’s efficiency in transporting oxygen and nutrients for the body’s muscular activity.

* Muscular strength – A muscle or muscle group can work in one single effort.

* Muscular strength – Ability to muscles or muscles to reproduce at maximum peak energy for a long period.

* Circuit – Ability to move any group of compounds or joints through complete or normal motion.

Body composition – a body fat percentage is the same as the entire body mass.

The improvement of the first three components of the body of the above listed body will have a positive effect on the composition of the body and low fats will result. High fat fats are fraught with other body weight disorders, while reducing performance, seemingly weak and adversely affecting your health.

Fast, industrious, muscular power, eye coordination and eye pacemakers are categorized as “motor” fitness elements. These factors often affect your gaming ability. These factors can be improved within your abilities limits. Sensitive Weight Loss and Fitness Program hopes to improve or maintain sounds of physical and automotive storage, progressive, operational, specialized physical training.

Principles of exercise

It is important to follow some of the basic principles of exercise to formulate an effective program. The principles of exercise are applicable to everyone who participates in all the physical training from the Joggers during the weekend athletes.

The basic principles of this exercise should be followed.

Alive in

To get a training influence, you must always exercise. A minimum of three times a week must be added to each feature. Rarely exercising can do more harm than good. Sleeping, sleeping, and taking regular medication is regularly and regularly important.


The rate and / or duration of the exercise (so long) should be gradually increased to drive the level of physical exercise.


In order to be productive, there should be a program for any feature, and one of them will hurt others.


By providing a variety of activities, mood reductions, motivations and improvements increase.


Training should go to the specific goals. For example, if their emphasis is emphasized, people will become better drivers. Although swimming is a very good exercise, the 2-mile-run period has not improved as a driving program.


One day you should take a day to receive training on one aspect of fitness. It can be a rest day or a rest day. Another way to replace, is to change the muscle groups that operate every day, especially for the strength and / or muscle strength.

Not necessary

Each of the exercise sessions should have exceeded the general requirements set for the training to increase workload.

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