20 Minute Home Work Out

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If you are busy, you must maintain a healthy and proper life without getting up in the morning or with a lifetime.

Jogues: For 3 minutes in one place

2) Jumping Jack: Repeat 25
When landing, cling to the knees to reduce the effect of the knee.

3) Bullying: 15 recurrence
Put your knees on your knees. Put your head behind behind your head. Help your hands on your neck. Keep your throat straight with your spine. Lift your upper tester from your surface to the top. Fall down until you touch the back of your shoulders.
Muscles acted as: Rectus Abudinis

4) Bridge bridges: 10 recurrence
Going to your back. Slip your body down from the slope to the shoulder of your eye, straight line, bridge, and 90 ° on the floor. A table is like a table. The feet of the table must be the same as your knees like your knees and your legs and legs. Keep this place for two seconds. Squeeze your glutur (muscles) and then lower yourself.
Muscular: excessive, ladder and glycytes.

5) Step – Top: For 1 minute
You will need this step for this.
Muscles: hamstrings, gluteus, quards.

6) Counterfeiting harassment: 15 recurrence
It’s your back from both sides. Kneel down. Put your lap on your head. Until your wife is down to the ground. Keep this place for a second. Then lower your knees.
Musculoskeletal: Lower bone and bone.

Mountain climbers: 1 minute
Put your knees on your hands and knees and start-up block sprints. Run up to your upper body with your hands in the right place. Put your feet straight.
Musculoskeletal: Thrust, deltoid muscles, glaucoma, plaster, screw, brood.

8) Tilt: 15 Recurrence
Musculoskeletal activity: tricis, deltoides, rocks.

9) Scots thrust: 1 minute
Straighten now into the stumps. Immediately position your legs behind your back. Now push up. Now put your feet to the chest.
Muscle muscles: arms, legs, chest and lower soil.

Cool down the walk until your heart rhythms become normal.

Exercise is required for a minute vacation. Properly important. Do not breathe. Exercise kiss water during exercise. This exercise affects the entire body, and the cardiovascular system improves the efficacy and flexibility of the body.

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