Paris Attacks and Russian Plane Crash: Would it lead to an end of Russian Isolation?

By | November 19, 2015
Paris witnessed the worst terror attacks (Paris Attacks 13/11) after the World War killing 129 people and injuring nearly 350. The attacks consisted of mass shootings, suicide bombings as well as hostage takings. 3 suicide bombs went off outside the Stade de France, where a friendly football match was being played between Germany and France, being enjoyed by the French president Francoise Hollande. Others included the one at Bataclan theatre, during the event of a music band, which turned out to be the most tragic one, leading to the massacre of 89 people and the suicide bombs and mass shootings in central Paris, the other ones.
Paris Attacks
These attacks were a response from the ISIS against the French involvement in Syria as the IS took the responsibility of the attacks. France has declared these Paris Attacks as an act of war and has vowed to launch a befitting response against the Islamic state.
A similar attack was carried out against a Russian passenger aircraft, purposely by the affiliates of Islamic state in Sinai, Egypt. A Schweppes Bomb was implanted by ISIS in the plane, which downed it and killed all 224 people on board. This attack was also launched against the Russian strikes in Syria, which had targeted the strongholds of Daesh (ISIS) to check its flagrant rise.
Paris Attacks 1
Following these attacks on the civilized world, there have been voices from all over the western and eastern world, for a unified global front against terrorism. China and Russia have called for a unified response and Russia has already started intensifying diplomacy with France over the issue, as she has been a similar sufferer.
Russia has been an effective power in suppressing the advances of ISIS, has launched far more intensive strikes. Russia has even used its ballistic missiles from the ships in Caspian Sea against the Islamic State targets in Syria. These strikes have been far more effective than the ones launched by Western powers and NATO allies. France has also shown a proclivity towards Russia in dealing with the Islamic state and has added an urgency to its efforts after Paris Attacks.
The Western powers have warmed up to Russia, after a post Cold War tussle between the contesting parties during the G-20 in Australia. Russia was shown cold shoulders during the G-20 summit and led to an early flight back home for the Russian president. But the US and other NATO allies were seen warming up to Russia during the current G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. (Russia has been facing Western sanctions for its military operations in Ukraine which led to the annexation of Crimea. Russian economy has lost over €100 billion due to the economic sanctions.)
These terror attacks (Paris Attacks) have a potential to open up the stalled dialogue process between the West and Russia and can potentially be an initiation of ending the Russian isolation and re integrating it in the world economy.
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