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see url With the dawn setting upon the older millennium and the world moving into the 21st century, the transition of India from being a soft power to a hard one is worth reckoning. India has been one of the profound examples of the third world countries to steer her way into the main stream geo politics and become an integral part of world economics.

follow The Indian growth story has been talked of in every corner of the world. Over the millennium, the Indian economy has become one of the top 10 economies of the world. Clocking over more than 9% of the GDP growth rates over the major part of the past decade, India has already made its presence felt in the world economics by becoming one of the most sought after destinations for foreign investment.

The Pokhran nuclear blasts in 1998 have projected India as being a part of the select group of countries possessing the N-Power. Not being a signatory to the NPT and NCTBT, yet India managed to crack the Indo-US Nuclear deal, which clearly indicated the importance USA attaches with respect to its relations with India. With this deal, Indian stand against the NPT and NCTBT was acknowledged world over.

India has become a part of the select group of nations possessing Integrated Missile Systems in the form of Agni series. The Agni 5 is capable of intercontinental striking with a range of over 5000 KM which can be raised substantially. India has also proved its mettle by developing the indigenous nuclear submarine namely the INS Arihant which is also a feat achieved by only a select group of nations. The development of Brahmos with Russia has made India to be the only nation after Russia to possess the supersonic technology missiles.

In the space technology, India’s ISRO has made a mark with its frugal engineering. ISRO has grabbed many international orders for its PSLV launch vehicle and has put many international satellites in orbits around the earth. ISRO has also successfully launched the first Indian mission to Mars and has built the complicated technology for a cryogenic engine indigenously. India has been a part of select group of nations to possess the GSLV launch vehicle technology.

So, these factors have propelled India to covertly turn into a hard power which can assert itself anytime in the world politics and economics.



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