Computerized Maintenance Management System: Benefits & functions

By | December 19, 2013

Computerized maintenance management system

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), according to Wikipedia, is a type of management software that performs functions in support of a management of operation and maintenance systems and maintaining an effective computerized database of the same.

Functions of CMMS:

  1. CMMS functions as work order generator, prioritization of work and tracking the equipment or components.
  2. It carries out historical tracking of all work orders generated and sorted by equipment, date, person responding etc.
  3. Computerized Maintenance Management System carries out the tracking of all the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.
  4. It makes the real time reports of ongoing work activity.
  5. Computerized Maintenance Management System also carries out the tracking of the entire labour and capital cost of a component.
  6. It also generates work for preventive maintenance.

These are the functions performed by the Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS). Apart from the disadvantage of its high cost operation and non compatibility with all the systems, the CMMS system has many benefits. Some of them have been listed below:

Benefits of using CMMS:

  1. Computerized Maintenance Management System helps in the detection of impeding problems before a failure occurs resulting in a fewer complaints and increases the degree of satisfaction of the customers.
  2. Computerized Maintenance Management System helps in achieving higher levels of planned maintenance activities that enables a more effective and efficient use of the staff resources.
  3. Computerized Maintenance Management System has a positive impact on the inventory control thus enabling a better control of spare parts and better inventory management.
  4. Computerized Maintenance Management System helps in maintaining optimal equipment performance that effectively reduces the downtime.
  5. Computerized Maintenance Management System helps ensure product quality and customer satisfaction which is of utmost importance these days.

That is why, even with the disadvantages of being higher in cost and difficult to implement, the CMMS system is being used as a process to computerize the maintenance departments in various organizations. This has further lead to efficacy increases in the maintenance departments across various institutions.

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