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Bureaucracy: Bedrock to Democracy

cb site rencontre Bureaucracy is a set of written rules and regulations. It involves a hierarchical setup wherein there is a separation of work at each level. It is a contractual service extended by the government to the civil servants to serve the general public on their behalf. The entire governance, administrative and executive structure of the government… Read More »

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Combating Corruption: Is the Jan Lokpal (Ombudsman) Enough?

go to link On 15th August’ 1947, India woke up independent from British rule. India inherited a lot of legacies from the British from Communal violence to railways to airways. One thing India was not able to inherit were the work ethics of British. The dilution of these work ethics in due course made India fall into the… Read More »

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Good Governance: Some pre requisites

grafici valute tempo reale Good governance refers to governance that it accountable, democratic, accessible, transparent, responsive, ethical, modern and accountable along with being citizen centric. Public systems have earned the epithet of being voluminous, full of inertia, change averse and have strict procedures. With the modernizing world, the administrative setups had to keep pace with new societal demands. Hence,… Read More »'

Euthanasia: An ethical debate in India Euthanasia is an assisted death. It is administered by doctors to the patients who they consider as almost dead and have a right to a dignified death. There have been wide ranging debates on it in the world and India has also witnessed it in recent times. The Supreme Court ruling in Aruna Shanbaug case… Read More »

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Communalism and its manifestations in India

enter site Communalism etymologically has been derived from Communal meaning deriving out of some commonality and ism, which means ideology. Hence communalism is referred to as a set of ideology which has been derived out of a commonality. Communalism is generally synonymous with religion but Religious communalism is just a facet of it. There can be other… Read More »