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SAARC: A healthy grouping or a dead body?

SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation It is a regional economic and geopolitical body of 8 countries of South Asia consisting of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan. Headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, it came into existence on 8 December 1985. This area is one of the most populated and underdeveloped regions… Read More »

Panchayat form of Government: Governance through local bodies

The Panchayat form of governance was practiced at the village level for several years after independence but the 73rd amendment made in the constitution gave the constitutional status to this system, to highlight the importance and need of decentralization. Before this amendment the Panchayats had a vague institutional character. There was no procedure for their… Read More »

India’s involvement in Chabahar Port

In this era of globalization, economic heft and power dynamics are acting as twin driving forces for geopolitics. Chabahar is an Iranian port on the Makran coast in the Gulf of Oman which has become a new tipping point in the world’s geopolitics. After an MOU signed in 2003 by the Indian PM AB Vajpayee… Read More »

Iraq Crisis 2014: Understanding the nemesis

The Iraq crisis of 2014 or the northern Iraq offensive began on 5th June 2014 in the Northern regions of Iraq led by the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and Levant (ISIS) against the Iraqi government following the earlier clashes which began in December 2013 (Levant region consists of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus… Read More »

China and the 9 Dotted Line in South China Sea

With Asia becoming the powerhouse of the re-surging world economy, the waters of South China Sea have become a flashpoint in the world geopolitics. With the Chinese economy growing at unprecedented rates and challenging the pre existing global power equations, this sea has been the hotbed of discussions at many international and national forums. China,… Read More »