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Types of volcanoes

  A volcano is generally a conical shaped hill or a mountain built by the accumulations of lava flows, tephra and volcanic ash. There are five different forms of volcanoes which are classified on the basis of their geomorphic form, magma chemistry and the explosiveness of their eruption. 1. Fissure type eruption: These are the… Read More »

Places where most of the volcanic activity takes place

  This article deals with the places where most of the volcanic activity takes place. The distribution pattern of volcanoes is zonal in character. The volcanoes are closely related to the weaker sections of the Earth’s crust and these are closely associated with seismic events such as earthquakes. Based on plate tectonics, there is a… Read More »

Can Earthquakes be predicted?

Earthquakes are one of the most disastrous natural calamities which severely affect the daily life of people. They lead to shaking of the earth’s surface and are caused due to the tectonic movement of the various plates below the earth’s crust. The places affected by them are divided into seismic zones with the places most severely… Read More »