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India’s involvement in Chabahar Port

In this era of globalization, economic heft and power dynamics are acting as twin driving forces for geopolitics. Chabahar is an Iranian port on the Makran coast in the Gulf of Oman which has become a new tipping point in the world’s geopolitics. After an MOU signed in 2003 by the Indian PM AB Vajpayee… Read More »

Drainage Patterns

The drainage system (Drainage Patterns) is an integrated system of tributaries and a trunk stream which collects and funnels the surface water to the sea, lake or some other water body. The total area that contributes water to a single drainage system is known as a drainage basin. In other words, the flow of water through… Read More »

Sericulture in India

Sericulture or silk farming is the rearing of silkworms for the production of silk. Sericulture is an age old practice in India. The Aryans discovered silkworm in the Kashmir valley. Indian epics like the Ramayana, Rig-Veda and Mahabharata also mention the use of Pitambara (silk cloth of Indian origin) and Chidambara (silk cloth of Chinese… Read More »

Social Forestry

Social Forestry is defined as the management and protection of forests and afforestation on barren lands with the purpose of helping in the environmental, social and rural development. Social forestry is a probable solution to sustainable development. These are various streams of social forestry. These are: 1. Urban Forestry: It pertains to the raising and… Read More »

Iraq Crisis 2014: Understanding the nemesis

The Iraq crisis of 2014 or the northern Iraq offensive began on 5th June 2014 in the Northern regions of Iraq led by the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and Levant (ISIS) against the Iraqi government following the earlier clashes which began in December 2013 (Levant region consists of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus… Read More »

Elevated Volcanic Landforms

  A volcano is generally a conical shaped hill or a mountain built by the accumulations of lava flows, tephra and volcanic ash. There are five different forms of volcanoes which are classified on the basis of their geomorphic form, magma chemistry and the explosiveness of their eruption. Elevated volcanic landforms include: Cinder or ash… Read More »