Benefits of India’s Mars mission

By | November 11, 2013
With an estimated cost 450 crore the Mars Mission is the current burning topic not only because India is only the fifth country after USA EU USSR and China but also the frugal expenditure is attracting much attention.the orbiter was launched in the first week of November from Sriharikota on the east coast of India by PSLV which will put the orbiter in elliptical path around the earth.With the launch many questions
are coming forth.How will this mission benefit India??
Many believe that Mars mission would add to the woes of poverty , economic slowdown etc but looking at the space budget, it constitutes only 0.34% of the same out of which 35% of this is for development of launch vehicles and 7-8% goes on science and exploration.thus this mission constitutes only 8% of space budget.
further it was being argued that the orbiter's aim to find methane on mars mission would be irrelevant as NASA Curiosity mission has already proved non existence of methane on mars surface.But NASA proved its non existence in a small area while India would look at entire Martian environment.
Mars mission would help in advancement of technology in this field and would serve as an important feedback for other such missions.Moreover India would be able to retain its space fairer club position as it would be able to demonstrate its technological advancement.
In the past 21 out of 51 missions have only been successful.With such a success rate any contribution by India will only help to add to our Martian know how.Thus India undertaking such a mission is an important step and cannot be argued down on irrelevant grounds.
Moreover not finding anything is also a finding, a discovery that something is not there.

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