How to access blocked websites using Dyna Web?

By | December 19, 2013

How to access blocked websites using dyna web?

Here is a simple way to go through the same.

If everything fails , then you can easily rely on DynaWeb to come to your rescue and allow you to access blocked websites. DynaWeb comes from the same team that brought Freegate . It is one of the largest collection of web proxies in the world that allows users to bypass firewalls , censorship and other restrictions and access their favourite blocked websites on the internet . DynaWeb has specifically been designed keeping in mind Chinese users who are constantly being censored by the Chinese government . As a result, it is extremely effective and reliable .


The Chinese government is constantly trying to block DynaWeb and all its proxy web servers . This forces DynaWeb to be very dynamic and fast in coming up with new IP addresses , domain names , and other mechanisms to bypass the  Chinese government restrictions and continue to provide uncensored internet to users . According to their website, at any given point of time they have hundreds of mirrors of their web proxies running. As soon as they notice that one of their web proxies have been found out and blocked by the Chinese , they will immediately change its IP and domain name  . It is constant cat and mouse game between DynaWeb and Chinese government , a game that DynaWeb is current winning by a great margin.


There are multiple ways to access the proxy servers of DynaWeb:


  • Domain Names
  • Email
  • FreeGate Client


DynaWeb has created a bunch of domain names (usually with quite unusual names that organizations normally would not think about blocking) that you can type into your browser to access their web proxies , which can then be used to connect to blocked websites on the internet . The most current domain names that are using are listed below . The beauty of DynaWeb system is that they keep changing the domain names they use for their proxies , which means that by the time you read this , the below domain may or may not be valid .

You can always visit their website to get details about the most current web proxies that they are using . The steps to use DynaWeb for accessing the block web sites are given below .


Step 1.

Point your web browser to You will be directed to the Dynamic Internet Technology website.

Screenshot (8)

Step 2. 

Click on the “Products” tab.  Then, click on “Dynaweb” under the products listed on the left-hand side.

Screenshot (7)

Step 3. 

Read through the description of the Dynaweb service. Then, click on the link in the first paragraph [].

Step 4. 

You will be directed to the Dynaweb service. At the top of the page, you’ll see a few links. Home will bring you back to this page. Download will give you information for downloading other DIT products. FAQ will give you answers to common questions about DIT’s services and products. Supportprovides help and About Us will tell you more about the developers.

Step 5. 

Click in the text box and add the URL of the web page you want to visit. Then click “Anonymous Surfin.” The page will open in a new tab. The site you visit will look almost the same as it usually does. If you look at the URL in the address bar, however, you’ll notice the address is different. It’s the address used to route your request around the censorship and through the Dynaweb service.

Screenshot (9)

Step 6. 

Want to visit another site? Click back to the tab on your browser marked Dynaweb and enter another URL. That page will open in a new tab.


Remember, don’t type a URL into your browser’s address bar. Always use the Dynaweb page. 

Have a look at this url. This is not the normal url of the site. This is the url generated by dyna web


Screenshot (10)

Step 7. 

Finished using Dynaweb? Close the tab and/or close your web browser.


Interesting Fact:


on many occasions , it may not be possible to visit Dyna Web to get access to the latest domain names of their web proxy servers since your government , company or may college may have blocked it . This is where their email service comes so handy. If a user sends a blank email to Dyna Web at d_ip@dongtaiwang. com, then within a few minutes they will send back a reply containg the IP addresses of some of their latest most current web proxy servers . Just click on any of the links you received via email or type them in your browser and you will be taken to Dyna Web website which will then allow you you to access blocked content on the internet .


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